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Victoria Arlen’s life turned upside down when she was stricken with a rare neurological disorder that left her paralyzed from the waist down and fighting for her life. Complications forced her to succumb to a vegetative state, unable to speak, eat, move, communicate, use her arms and unable to accomplish simple living tasks. Doctors told Victoria’s family that she would most likely not live and if she did live she would be a vegetable the rest of her life. Victoria was determined to prove the prognosis wrong. She began little by little returning to her family. Though she was unable to gain back the use of her legs she was forced to face a life in a wheelchair. Victoria immediately was determined not to let this define her and stop her from doing anything. She refused to let any doctor or prognosis tell her she couldn’t get back to her old life. She fought and worked hard so that now six years later Victoria is not only back to her old self she is better than ever. She rocks a hot pink wheelchair and has not let anything or anyone stop her from accomplishing her dreams. She is an aspiring actress and model as well as a motivational/inspirational speaker and world ranked swimmer and avid athlete. She currently is on the USA National Paralympic Swim Team, and a two time world record holder and 11 time Pan American and American record holder. She is also on the USA Women’s National Sled Hockey Team. She is very involved with helping young disabled and abled bodied athletes and inspiring them to embrace their differences and not let anything or anyone hold them back. She inspires people to never give up and believe in the power of determination and believing in what you can do and not what you can’t. Her message is simple when challenges and obstacles are in your way “face it, embrace it, defy it and conquer it!” Victoria teaches other disabled individuals to “Rock your Disability”. Victoria Arlen recently qualified for the London 2012 Paralympic Games this summer and she will be representing the USA in Swimming! Go Victoria!
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